Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (19 January 2022)

TRENDS for the week of 19 to 25 Jan 2022 --
-- Temperatures will average near normal in the west, to 1.5 deg below normal in the east.
-- Rainfall will be very slight, near zero for many, 2-4 mm potentially near west coast later in the interval.
-- Sunshine will be 25 to 50 per cent above normal.
-- Winds will be moderate today and sometimes returning to moderate later in the interval, but generally light otherwise.
TODAY will be rather breezy for a time, especially across parts of the south as a cold front pushes through. Later on, moderate northwest breezes and partly cloudy to sunny skies are expected, highs 9 to 11 C.

TONIGHT will bring clear intervals, scattered frosts and patchy fog, with lows -3 to +3 C.

THURSDAY will be partly cloudy to sunny, with more cloud expected near northwest coasts, highs 6 to 9 C.

FRIDAY will also be partly cloudy to sunny with morning frosts and fog patches, lows near -2 C and highs near 7 C.

From Saturday to about mid-week, high pressure will sink slowly further south, which will keep nights clear and rather cold in the inland south, but cloudy and not as cold further north. Days will tend to be partly cloudy to overcast in all regions. Lows will vary from -2 to +4 C and highs from 7 to 10. There may be some light rain at times near the west coast but this will not amount to much there, and will not spread much further east.

Eventually the high pressure area will drift far enough south that a stronger westerly flow can resume and some frontal systems will return to the weather picture near the end of January, possibly leading to much stronger winds at times. Temperatures may rise somewhat as a result of the mild Atlantic air being allowed to exert control, with colder air held off for a few days.

The Irish Weather Online daily long-range forecast is provided by Peter O'Donnell.