Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (18 January 2022)


TODAY will be mostly cloudy and a little milder with outbreaks of rain (2 to 4 mm expected) across Connacht, Ulster and north Leinster, just trace amounts further south. Southwest breezes 30-50 km/hr will develop gradually, highs 9 to 12 C.
TONIGHT will be breezy and winds will veer to westerly 40-60 km/hr, with a few more showers mainly in Ulster and north Leinster. Lows 4 to 7 C.
WEDNESDAY will become partly cloudy to sunny in eastern and southern counties with perhaps more cloud further west and north. Somewhat colder in a moderate northwest breeze 30-50 km/hr. Highs 6 to 9 C.
THURSDAY to SUNDAY will then be dominated by high pressure almost directly over Ireland. Very light winds will develop again, with some rather cold nights especially where skies clear up. Lows could reach -4 to -1 C. More cloud is expected in the west and north so nights may remain milder there. Lows of 3 to 7 C can be expected in those regions. Daytime temperatures will be more similar from one region to another, in the range of 5 to 8 C mostly, some readings near 10 C around the more temperate coastal areas.
This pattern shows only faint signs of breaking down to any great extent after that, so we'll just have to be patient and wait for more definite signals to emerge. 
The Irish Weather Online daily long-range forecast is provided by Peter O'Donnell.