Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (17 January 2022)

 TRENDS for the week of 17 to 23 Jan --
-- Temperatures will be slightly below normal values, more so in parts of the east and inland south due to the possibility of some frosty nights, but this is not going to be a bitterly cold arctic sort of cold, just the homegrown variety when high pressure doesn't receive much warming from the weak low January sun. ... It will remain largely dry with a few weak frontal passages creating rainfalls of 1 or 2 mm around Tuesday night and towards Friday. Most places will be unlikely to see even a quarter of their normal rainfall ... Sunshine will be about the normal amount for mid-January when an average of 2 hours a day is considered generous. Winds will remain rather light except that they might pick up on one or two days when the ever-present high backs away a bit before returning. Wednesday looks a little breezier than most other days.
TODAY will be quite frosty to start and some roads, in particular secondary routes, may be quite icy until well on into the morning. Eventually most of the frost and any fog should clear away and there will be some sunny intervals, with highs near 7 C, possibly a few degrees higher near coasts.
TONIGHT may see some return of frost but cloud moving in overnight will cause temperatures to rise back above freezing after perhaps reaching lows near -2 C around late evening or midnight.
TUESDAY will be mostly cloudy with the overcast creating some hill fog in the north, with a few outbreaks of light rain spreading into the north and west, with a slight increase in winds to westerly 30-50 km/hr at least in Connacht and Ulster. Highs near 8 C.
WEDNESDAY will become rather breezy from the northwest (40-60 km/hr) as the high backs off to the west, and this will allow the breeze to mix the air more and perhaps lead to longer sunny intervals away from cloudy west-facing coastlines. Highs 7 to 9 C.
THURSDAY will be back to rather calm conditions and mostly cloudy skies, with highs near 8 C.
From FRIDAY to SUNDAY, more bland and relatively calm conditions are expected with highs 8 to 10 C, overnight lows generally a bit above freezing in most places.
Another one-day northwesterly spell is indicated for around Monday or Tuesday, and from then on the month may become generally a bit colder but no large changes in this placid and dry regime are expected. At this rate, January will end up with only half of its normal amount of rainfall, if we saw no further rain from today to the 31st then what has already fallen would represent just 40% of normal, but with a bit more expected, we may finish around 50% of normal. The average temperature to the 16th was slightly above normal, today may bring that down to exactly long-term average (which is how normal is defined in the weather stats).
The Irish Weather Online daily long-range forecast is provided by Peter O'Donnell.