Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (14 January 2022)

TRENDS remain the same, near average temperatures, almost totally dry, partly cloudy skies with a bit of sunshine here and there, and light winds.


TODAY will be partly cloudy with a few places seeing a bit more sunshine than most, and any fog or mist gradually dissipating. Highs 5 to 9 C.

TONIGHT will be cloudy with a few clear intervals, lows -2 to +4 C.

SATURDAY will see a slight increase in wind speeds to the 20-40 km/hr range, as a weak disturbance far off to the southwest tries to make a dent in the high pressure. The results will be fairly bland, with a bit of drizzly light rain in a few places, and that breeze noticeable near some coasts. Highs 5-9 C.

SUNDAY high pressure rebuilds from the northwest, it may be a fairly bright day with patchy cloud banks, and lows -2 to +3 C, highs 5 to 9 C.

All of next week, this same high will be close at hand, with the chance of a slight amount of rain for western coastal districts around Monday from another attempt at a change in the pattern which will also probably come to nothing, so expect a very static weather picture in most areas, light winds, and perhaps somewhat milder as a slight south to southwest flow develops with this high settling in over southern England and northern France. 
Highs later next week may be closer to 11 C than the current range. Longer term guidance breaks down this blocking around the end of the second week ahead and replaces it with a colder northerly flow. Not overly confident of any guidance at this point, but eventually this block will be gone and weather will become active again.

The Irish Weather Online daily long-range forecast is provided by Peter O'Donnell.