Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (11 January 2022)


TRENDS remain similar, near normal temperatures, dry and partly cloudy skies with light winds for about a week.


TODAY will be partly cloudy with some areas having sunny breaks, others likely to have longer intervals of low cloud. Highs 6 to 9 C.

TONIGHT will be partly cloudy with some longer clear intervals developing, leading to some frost and local fog. Lows -2 to +3 C.

WEDNESDAY will become mostly cloudy with a few breaks, and highs 5 to 9 C, possibly 10 C near some western and northern coasts.

THURSDAY and FRIDAY will continue similar with mostly cloudy skies, some breaks in the overcast, and a few spots of drizzle at times in the southwest mainly. Lows -2 to +3 C and highs 5 to 8 C.

NEXT WEEKEND could see a slight southeast breeze picking up but it will remain rather cloudy and chilly with temperatures in a narrow range, 3 to 7 C.

By the first part of the following week, systems may begin to move a little and this could lead to somewhat milder temperatures returning. Eventually if the logjam clears completely, there might be an opportunity for colder air to reach some parts of the region, at the present time the cold is being directed over Scandinavia towards central Europe, but patterns seem to be about to shift a bit westward (retrograde movement at upper levels) which could encourage colder air to move south closer to the longitude of Britain and then Ireland.

The Irish Weather Online daily long-range forecast is provided by Peter O'Donnell.

A veil of cloud over much of Britain and the southeast corner of Ireland at 11.00am today.