Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (28 August 2021)


TRENDS remain the same, warm, dry and in areas away from the cloudier north, sunny, with light to moderate east-northeast breezes.


TONIGHT will be clear in many areas with some fog or mist developing, but perhaps more cloudy in parts of the north and east. Lows 6 to 10 C.

SUNDAY will continue much the same, as a very slow cooling trend continues that will see each day perhaps a degree cooler than the previous day. Highs around 23 C are likely in the same areas highlighted for warmth today, and around 18 C in parts of the north and east.

From MONDAY to FRIDAY of next week a very slow cooling trend but otherwise little change in the weather pattern with the west, central and inland south counties continuing to enjoy temperatures in the low 20s even by end of the week, while parts of the north and east will perhaps cool slightly more to around 16-18 C. These patterns rarely change in some sort of lock-step with every location always the same each day, slight variations of pressure and wind will tend to create some variations in how strong the east coast sea breeze becomes each day, and how extensive any northern cloud might prove to be. At times I suspect the south coast may come in for more frequent marine cloud effects. Nights are likely to get slightly cooler as the air mass modifies slightly, and some readings as low as 3 to 7 C are possible later in the week, in the usual cool spots in the north central inland counties.

Once this fine spell breaks down, the Atlantic will bring in some cloud and showers, but there are suggestions now that remnants of this dry spell could persist well into the new month and perhaps through the weekend of 4-5 September before there is any real change in the pattern.

Peter for IWO.