Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (26 August 2021)


TRENDS continue the same, very warm, dry and sunny with light winds. ...


TODAY Highs may peak at around 27 C in some parts of the midlands and inland or even coastal west, held down a bit by an easterly breeze in Leinster to 22-24 C. The south coast counties are also likely to be around that range (22-24 C).

TONIGHT will be clear at first, with some mist or fog patches developing, lows 10 to 14 C.

FRIDAY will see little change although there is a slightly stronger east wind component for Leinster and east Ulster that could hold highs down to about 20 C near some coasts, otherwise most places within a degree or two of today's very warm readings.

From SATURDAY to about THURSDAY 2nd of September, this pattern will very slowly decay with only slight changes each day, as temperatures slowly trend back down closer to seasonal normal values. Highs should be around 20-23 C on the weekend and 18-21 C next week, but a few places well inland and further west could continue to record 23-25 C. Nights should also get slightly cooler during this spell, 8-11 C might be a fairly typical range for the weekend, and 6-9 C by middle of next week.

All good things must come to an end, although this warm spell keeps extending itself a day further ahead and now looks like it might totally break down around the 3rd to 5th of September. 

Peter for IWO.