Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (25 August 2021)

Portsalon Beach, Donegal.

TRENDS remain same as discussed yesterday, very warm, sunny and dry for at least a week, with light winds.


TONIGHT will be back to clear skies with a risk of fog or mist by early morning, lows 9 to 13 C.

THURSDAY will be sunny and very warm, highs 24 to 27 C.

FRIDAY is likely to turn slightly cooler in some eastern and northern counties but it won't be a big change, 21 to 24 C for those areas, and staying near 25 C further south and west.

The WEEKEND will continue much the same with highs 20 to 24 C for most, at least partly sunny in most areas. Nights will remain comfortable in the 8 to 12 C range.

This fine spell of weather seems destined to last into the first day of September (Wed) after which there will likely be a gradual return to more active weather systems including some cloud, rain and wind at times. The current guidance suggests that the warm spell will break down completely by Friday 3rd of September but there could be traces of it returning from time to time although not quite as well defined as this current spell, so the first half of September might turn out close to average but slightly on the warm and dry side of normal.

Peter for IWO