Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (24 August 2021)


Torr Head, Antrim

TRENDS remain the same, very warm, dry and sunny for about a week with very light winds mostly from an easterly direction.


TODAY will once again see any low cloud or mist present this morning burning off later, but most places will start out sunny in any case, and continue partly to mostly sunny, hazy and very warm. Slight cooling near some coasts, but highs generally 23 to 26 C.

TONIGHT will be clear with late fog or mist patches developing, lows 8 to 12 C.

From WEDNESDAY to about the middle of next week, this pattern will remain in place with very few changes day to day -- it could in fact become even warmer at times by later this week (highs 24 to 28 C) with some minor indications of east coast cooling by Friday due to a slight increase in the easterly breeze component, but these changes may only be felt within small distances of the coastline. So for about a week, this warm spell with abundant sunshine is likely to continue in most places. There will always be a slight risk of low cloud or marine fog layers interfering in a few coastal areas but this will probably not become widespread.

The guidance continues to push cooler weather back into the later stages of next week (about Thursday 2 September is now the estimate for that).

Peter for IWO.