Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (16 August 2021)


TRENDS for the week of 16 to 22 Aug 2021 --

-- Temperatures will average near normal values, although possibly a bit above for overnight lows and a little below average for daytime highs (due to the cloudy regime). The second week ahead may be 1-3 deg above normal though.

-- Rainfall will be slight in general, 25 to 50 per cent, and much of that will likely come around Friday. However there will be somewhat more frequent light rain or drizzle than this might suggest.

-- Sunshine will be lucky to reach 75 per cent of normal, and is likely to be capped near 50 per cent in many parts of the north.

-- Not very windy most of the time, winds often light northwest.


TODAY will be mostly cloudy with a few brighter spells in the south at times. Light drizzly showers will move through Ulster with 1-2 mm amounts likely there. Highs 17 to 19 C.

TONIGHT will remain rather cloudy with spotty drizzle, lows 11 to 14 C.

TUESDAY will be cloudy with a few sunny breaks, and isolated light showers in the north. Highs 18 to 21 C.

WEDNESDAY will be partly cloudy, rather warm and humid, isolated showers possible, lows near 13 C and highs near 20 C.

THURSDAY will be overcast with outbreaks of drizzle or light rain at times in the south, lows near 14 C, highs 19 to 21 C.

FRIDAY will be mostly cloudy with showers, 3 to 7 mm can be expected with this rather weak system, and lows near 15 C, highs 18 to 21.

SATURDAY will see partly cloudy skies and more isolated showers, lows near 12 C and highs near 19 C.

From SUNDAY 22nd on, there could be an improvement to partly cloudy to sunny days with little if any rain expected for several days, and highs edging up into the 23-25 C range. Winds are expected to turn a little more easterly as high pressure crests over Scotland during that week, which may allow for quite warm conditions in most of Ireland away from the east coast. This would likely break down to heavier showers near the end of August according to current guidance (but that is two weeks away). 

Peter for IWO.