Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (11 August 2021)


Delphi Valley, Mayo

TRENDS for the week of 10 to 16 August 2021 --

-- Temperatures will be closer to normal, within 0.5 deg either side.

-- Rainfall will be near normal in the north, trending drier further south where a few places may end up 25 to 50 per cent below normal.

-- Sunshine will average 50 to 75 per cent of normal in the north, and near normal in the south.

-- Wind speeds will be most frequently moderate.


TODAY will be cloudy with sunny intervals, these more frequent in Leinster and east Munster. Showers if any will be quite isolated. Highs 18 to 21 C.

TONIGHT will bring increasing cloud in the west with rain at times towards dawn. It will stay partly cloudy further east. This might be the best night to look for the Perseid meteor shower since more cloud is likely later in the week. Lows 10 to 12 C.

WEDNESDAY will be wet for part of the morning in the west and around mid-day in the east, but once this front moves through skies should clear partially again as winds turn more westerly. Highs near 19 C. Rainfalls of 5-10 mm possible.

THURSDAY will become quite breezy and showery with winds westerly 40-60 km/hr or higher in some exposed locations. Lows near 8 C and highs near 17 C.

FRIDAY to MONDAY will remain fairly similar, with partly cloudy to overcast skies each day, some rain but amounts generally fairly small, and highs in the 17-20 C range, with overnight lows 10-13 C.

Later next week there are some signs of a warmer spell developing, lasting about three or four days, and highs could get into the mid-20s if this comes about. It would eventually go back to a more active and unsettled regime again.