Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (9 July 2021)

Kilkee, Co. Clare.


TRENDS for the week of 9 to 15 July 2021

-- Temperatures will average near normal values.
-- Rainfalls will average about 75 per cent of normal, however, there will be a drying trend later in the week from Monday on.
-- Sunshine will improve also to around 75 to 100 per cent of normal values.
-- Winds generally light, occasionally moderate.


TONIGHT will be misty with fog patches, mild and humid, lows around 13 C.

SATURDAY will be partly cloudy to overcast with a few showers, highs around 21 C.

SUNDAY will be cloudy with occasional showers, some rather heavy with 10-15 mm amounts expected. Lows near 14 C and highs around 19 C.

MONDAY will become partly cloudy with showers more isolated, lows near 12 C and highs near 20 C.

The following week will see less cloud and more sunshine than this week, although it likely won't be a lot warmer as a result, with highs generally close to 20 C, and nights perhaps a bit fresher 8-10 C. It may eventually warm up slightly to the 22-24 C range by about the weekend of 17th-18th, after which it appears that the pattern may become a little more active with stronger frontal systems in the mix giving heavier showers and perhaps more thunderstorms than has been the case so far this summer. 
Peter for IWO.