Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (30 July 2021)


Glencar, Leitrim

TRENDS for the week of 30 July to 5 Aug 2021 --

-- Temperatures will average near normal values.

-- This forecast assumes that the overnight rainfall has mostly come to an end as the interval begins, so with that already noted yesterday, rainfall for this coming seven days will be generally close to average with local variations within 25 per cent of normal.

-- Sunshine will be about 75 per cent of normal values.

-- Wind speeds will be near average too, fairly moderate most days.


TONIGHT will be cloudy with a few breaks, and isolated showers. Lows 8 to 11 C.

SATURDAY will be partly to mostly cloudy with a few showers, amounts generally rather small (1-3 mm). Highs 16 to 18 C.

SUNDAY will bring a mixture of cloud and sunshine, and only a few isolated showers at most, lows 7 to 10 C and highs near 19 C.

MONDAY will see increasing cloud and occasional showers by afternoon, lows near 8 C and highs near 18 C.

TUESDAY will bring showers and overcast skies, lows near 11 C and highs near 17 C.

The pattern from then to the middle of August seems to be locked into this rather bland, somewhat unsettled westerly regime with near normal temperatures if perhaps a bit cool in the daytime hours.

Peter for IWO