Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (23 July 2021)


Duckett's Grove, Carlow

TRENDS for the week of 23 to 29 July, 2021 --

-- Temperatures will gradually fall to near normal values or slightly below, the average will therefore be about two degrees above normal as the first part of the interval will continue well above normal.

-- Rainfalls will gradually increase during the week and may reach normal amounts in the north and west, to 50 per cent of normal in the southeast.

-- Sunshine will be a lot less frequent than this past week, perhaps amounting to near average or 25 per cent below in the cloudier west and north.

-- Wind speeds will be increasing in stages to reach rather blustery levels by mid-summer standards later in the week.


TODAY will still be rather sunny despite an increase in cloud, and relatively hot although larger areas of the east may begin to feel a sea breeze cooling. There may be isolated showers and thunderstorms developing in parts of the inland south, midlands, and Connacht and one or two of these could be locally heavy. Highs 24 to 29 C.

TONIGHT the scattered showers will continue in a few areas and it will be muggy and otherwise partly cloudy with lows 15 to 20 C.

SATURDAY will be humid with further isolated showers or thunderstorms, some sunny intervals, and northeast breezes bringing in somewhat cooler air for most regions, with highs 23 to 26 C.

SUNDAY will be partly cloudy with further isolated showers, most likely near the west coast, in variable winds turning northerly, continued rather warm with lows 13 to 17 C and highs 22 to 26 C.

MONDAY will bring variable amounts of cloud and some outbreaks of showery rainfalls, somewhat cooler again with lows 12 to 16 C and highs 21 to 24 C.

TUESDAY will be partly cloudy to overcast with outbreaks of light rain, lows 12 to 15 C and highs 18 to 21 C.

WEDNESDAY to FRIDAY will be a relatively cool and unsettled interval with blustery west to northwest winds at times, passing showers or intervals of light rain, and temperatures considerably cooler than this past week, lows 10 to 13 C and highs 16 to 19 C.

There may be a slight warming trend into the weekend of 31 July- 1 August with further outbreaks of rain in early August. Temperatures may rise a degree or two then fall back into the high teens for part of the first week of August. Any return to significant warmth looks to be reserved for the middle to end of August if it does take place.

Peter for IWO.