Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (21 July 2021)

Skellig Michael

TRENDS for the week of 21 to 27 July --

-- Temperatures will average 2 to 4 deg above normal values, as they begin to fall somewhat closer to average after Saturday.
-- Rainfall will average 25 to 50 per cent of normal once it resumes around Friday-Saturday in most areas.
-- Sunshine will average near normal to 25 per cent above normal values.
-- Winds will continue quite light and mostly calm at night.
TODAY will be sunny with some hazy higher cloud over parts of Munster, and hot in the inland south, midlands, west, moderated to very warm by sea breezes near the east coast, and considerably cooler in a few exposed coastal areas. Highs generally 27 to 30 C, but 23 to 26 C near the east coast. Isolated showers or thunderstorms are possible during the afternoon and evening in hilly parts of north Connacht and west Ulster.
TONIGHT will be generally clear although hazy and staying quite warm with lows 14 to 18 C.
THURSDAY will be similar with the hazy higher cloud making some further advances into central counties. Highs 27 to 30 C with sea breeze cooling near some coasts. Isolated showers or thunderstorms in the inland northwest.
By FRIDAY more cloud will develop and some showers and thunderstorms will follow in parts of Munster, while other regions remain dry and very warm. Highs 24 to 28 C, after morning lows of 15 to 19 C.
On SATURDAY showers and thunderstorms will spread a bit further north and east, possibly reaching Dublin and some parts of the midlands, but they will be more isolated further north. Lows near 17 C and highs near 23 C.
SUNDAY and MONDAY will see a return to generally dry and partly cloudy to sunny conditions, in a somewhat more temperate air mass with highs in the 22 to 26 C range, morning lows 12 to 15 C.
By TUESDAY a more significant change seems likely, as a regime of mostly cloudy and unsettled weather arrives, with stronger winds developing, and temperatures falling back into the 17 to 20 C range. There could be at least a few showers most days from then to the end of the month.
Peter for IWO