Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (13 July 2021)

Ring of Kerry.

TRENDS for the week of 13 to 19 July 2021 --
-- Temperatures will average about 3 deg above normal values.
-- Rainfall will be almost nil for most places although some coastal areas could have a bit of drizzle from low cloud at times.
-- Sunshine will improve to near normal amounts and possibly even higher in some parts of the east.
-- Very light winds and calm nights as high pressure dominates.


TODAY will see more sunshine in some eastern counties, and a mixture of cloud and sun will develop further west except for a few coastal areas that may see more persistent low cloud and drizzle. Warmer with highs 21 to 24 C.

TONIGHT will be hazy and humid, rather warm with lows 12 to 16 C.

WEDNESDAY will be partly cloudy to sunny except for a few coastal areas under low cloud, and quite warm with highs 21 to 24 C.

THURSDAY to SUNDAY or MONDAY will be very warm with hazy sunshine fairly widespread, with the constant risk of some low cloud or mist near western coasts, but this may be intermittent with some warmer spells there too. Highs 24 to 28 C and lows each night only falling to the 14 to 18 C range.
This warm spell seems likely to break down gradually during the week after Tuesday next (20th) with an eventual return to more active weather patterns and occasional rain from frontal passages, but this transition could take much of that week to complete.

Peter for IWO.