Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (12 July 2021)

Phoenix Park, Dublin

TRENDS -- after some scattered showers today that won't hit all locations, most of the coming week will be dry although rather humid so that some mist or low cloud may bring small amounts of moisture to western counties, most inland and eastern counties will be quite dry in general after today. It will be warmer than average for mid-July by 2-3 degrees, and sunshine may manage to approximate normal totals away from a cloudier west coast. Light winds throughout.


TONIGHT will be partly cloudy and misty with lows 13 to 15 C. 
TUESDAY will be partly cloudy with slight chance of isolated showers, some low cloud and drizzle near western outer coastal headlands. Highs 20 to 24 C. 
WEDNESDAY will be partly cloudy to sunny and a bit warmer again with the same exception for the west coast, lows near 14 C and highs 21 to 25 C. 
THURSDAY to at least SUNDAY (18th) will be partly cloudy to sunny, warm and rather humid, lows 13 to 16 C and highs 22 to 27 C, warmest in the inland southeast and midlands. 
The current indications are that this warm interval will break down gradually in the first half of the following week (around Tuesday 20th) with heavier showers returning as temperatures fall back to more average July values. 

Peter for IWO.