IWO Weather Alert - Thunderstorms

Forecast Period - 1200z - 2300z
Main Risk Area - Midlands and West Coastal Regions
Discussion: With high temperatures reaching once again to mid to high 20s in many areas, dew points into the high teens and an approaching trough, conditions will become favourable for Thunderstorms in many areas, some of which may be severe in nature, i.e Isolated flash flooding, frequent lightning, large hail and gusty winds. 
Storms look likely to initiate from midday in parts of Kildare, Laois and move westwards throughout the afternoon becoming more widespread. Road hazards due to hail are likely ( same stopping distance as in snow! ). 
Storms should mostly die out in the west after sunset however there is a small chance of storms continuing for a period after dark along the south coast.
Please pay head to any storms if planning outdoor events today or travelling.