Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (8 June 2021)


TRENDS for the week of 8 to 14 June, 2021 --

-- Temperatures will average 2 to 3 deg above normal. Nights will be particularly warm relative to average.
-- Rainfall may reach 25 per cent of normal in a few parts of the west but will generally be less than that.
-- Sunshine will be 50 to 75 per cent of normal values in the west and south coastal counties, closer to average further north and in the east.
-- Winds will generally be moderate south to southwest.


will remain rather close with lows around 13 to 15 C, low cloud or mist and some drizzle in places.

WEDNESDAY will be similar to today with cloudy skies in many areas, perhaps breaking at times to partly cloudy, and outbreaks of light rain or drizzle, in a rather muggy southwest flow. Highs 18 to 22 C.

THURSDAY to SUNDAY the pattern remains almost static but there will likely be somewhat longer bright spells or sunny intervals especially in the midlands, east and north. It will become a little warmer too with highs reaching the 19 to 24 C range. Nights will remain quite mild in the range of 12 to 16 C. Winds throughout southwesterly at about 40 to 60 km/hr, dropping off at night inland to near calm.

Around MONDAY of next week, we're still expecting a change in the weather pattern although it may take a day or two to consolidate, as cooler air works its way in from a source more to the west than southwest, so it will feel fresher and highs will likely fall back to around 17-20 C. There may be some showers at times with this cooler flow, and eventually it could involve some heavier rainfalls from more organized disturbances replacing these weak fronts that have very little energy this week. Some guidance is going for much cooler weather within the second week of this outlook. 

 Peter for IWO.