Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (4 June 2021)

TRENDS remain similar, a slightly warm regime with only limited rainfall and near average sunshine, not very windy.


will be cloudy with a few breaks, and there may be a few showers mainly in western counties and parts of Ulster, 2-5 mm rainfalls possible there. Highs 16 to 19 C.

TONIGHT will be partly cloudy to overcast, a few more light showers, lows 8 to 12 C.

SATURDAY will be partly cloudy with scattered showers, isolated thunderstorms. A rather hit or miss pattern where some places will get 5-10 mm rainfalls, others trace amounts or zero. Highs 17 to 20 C.

SUNDAY will become partly sunny to mostly sunny, once any dense fog patches dissipate. Very slight wind gradient favours sea breeze development on all coasts. Lows 6 to 10 C, highs 17 to 23 C, warmest inland.

MONDAY will be sunny with a few cloudy intervals, more sea breezes likely on all coasts, lows 6 to 10 C and highs once again 17 to 23 C.

From Tuesday to about Saturday 12th, it should be quite a pleasant early summer weather regime with plenty of sunshine at times, and temperatures likely to warm slowly into the mid 20s inland, near 19 C on some coasts.

A more active weather pattern is signalled to set in around Sunday 13th with a cold front ending the warm spell with showers and thunderstorms, stronger westerly winds developing, and then more unsettled weather conditions likely for the rest of the middle week of June. 

Peter for IWO.

Photo: Glencar, Leitrim