Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (26 June 2021)


TRENDS for the week ahead (26 June to 2 July) look dry, rather sunny except perhaps near the south and east coasts where closer to average, and reasonably warm (within a degree of normal values). Light winds will prevail.

The Rock of Dunamase, near Portlaoise, Laois.


... The cloud and isolated showers of yesterday have moved off to the south but may continue to linger near the Wexford coast and spread at times along the south coast towards Cork. Most counties further north will probably stay at least partly sunny but an isolated shower cannot be ruled out although I expect almost all locations to remain dry away from the south coast where 1-3 mm seems most likely. Highs around 19 C for most, 16 C under the cloud.

TONIGHT ... Some lingering cloud near the south coast, otherwise partly cloudy to clear with a slight chance of an isolated shower, lows 7 to 10 C.

SUNDAY ... Partly cloudy to sunny, slight chance of an isolated shower, highs 19 to 21 C.

MONDAY ... Partly cloudy to sunny, lows 7 to 10 C, highs 20 to 23 C.

TUESDAY ... Partly cloudy to sunny, lows 7 to 11 C, highs 19 to 22 C.

WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY ... Partly cloudy to overcast, scattered light showers more prevalent in eastern counties, a bit cooler due to the cloud and slight east wind flow, lows near 11 C and highs 17 to 20 C warmest in western counties.

FRIDAY and SATURDAY should be back to the same conditions as Monday-Tuesday with more sunshine and highs closer to 21 C. Some places could hit 22-24 C in west Munster and Connacht.

The trends after this generally dry spell will be gradually in the other direction towards more cloud and eventually more frequent rainfall as the Atlantic seems to get more involved into mid-July. Temperatures are likely to fall off a bit to the 17-19 C range. 

Peter for IWO.