Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (24 June 2021)


TRENDS for the week of 24 to 30 June --

-- Temperatures will average near normal or slightly above in some eastern counties.
-- Rainfall will average 50 to 75 per cent of normal values.
-- Sunshine will average 75 to 100 per cent of normal.
-- Wind speeds will increase to moderate at times on Friday then fall back into the recently prevailing light range.


will be overcast with showers, lows 8 to 12 C.

FRIDAY will turn cooler with winds north to northeast 40-60 km/hr. Highs near 17 C. Showers will be fairly widespread especially in the east, 5-10 mm amounts expected.

SATURDAY will be partly cloudy with showers more isolated to the southeast, lows near 7 C and highs near 18 C.

SUNDAY will be sunny with cloudy intervals, risk of a few isolated showers in the southeast. Lows near 8 C and highs near 20 C.

MONDAY to about THURSDAY of next week are looking quite pleasant in general with a slight risk of showers but mostly dry weather expected, and at least some sunshine each day if not longer intervals in some parts. Highs will be around 21-24 C. Overnight lows will be 8 to 12 C.

After about FRIDAY (2nd of July) the pattern looks more unsettled with frequent showers and more cloud, temperatures falling back somewhat as a result. 

Peter for IWO.