Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (22 June 2021)

Upper Lough Bray in County Wicklow this morning.

TRENDS for the week of 22 to 28 June 2021 --

-- Temperatures will average about 1 deg below normal values.
-- Rainfall will average 50 to 75 per cent of normal.
-- Sunshine will average near normal values.
-- Continued rather light winds most of the time.


will be overcast with occasional rain in parts of the north spreading across most of Leinster towards midnight, amounts relatively small (2-5 mm) and lows 8 to 11 C.

WEDNESDAY will start out cloudy with a few showers lingering, then gradual clearing will set in, highs near 19 C.

THURSDAY will have increasing cloud with showers by afternoon and evening, about 5-8 mm of rain expected, lows near 10 C and highs near 19 C.

FRIDAY will be somewhat cooler with scattered showers, and winds turning to the northeast at 30-50 km/hr. Lows near 8 C and highs near 17 C.

The WEEKEND OUTLOOK is somewhat uncertain, with guidance splitting into two camps, one saying that high pressure will push in close enough to give a largely dry weekend with near normal temperatures, but another thought is that the unsettled weather from Friday will linger especially across parts of the south. We'll see if this choice is settled in tomorrow morning's outlook. Temperatures in either case would be somewhere around 18-20 C.

The end of the month and early July are looking fairly average with occasional rain but amounts not more than average for the period, and some settled days in between fronts, temperatures generally near 20 C for daytime highs.

Peter for IWO