Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (2 June 2021)

TRENDS remain similar to yesterday, rather warm, near average rainfalls at most, and coming mostly today, after which rather dry again. Normal amounts of sunshine eventually.


TODAY will bring some heavy showers and localized thunderstorms, moving into the south this morning, and covering most other regions at some point later on, although coverage may be rather hit or miss in Leinster and Ulster. Local rainfalls of 20-30 mm are possible especially if some thunderstorm cells move along a similar track, but other places may only see 5-10 mm. There will be a few brighter intervals, during the morning in the east and north, and after the rain moves through in the south. Highs around 18 to 20 C. Winds southeast 30-50 km/hr at times, veering to southerly over the west Munster coast.

TONIGHT will see most of this rainfall activity moving out into the Atlantic west of Connacht and Munster, but some could linger on parts of the Kerry coastline and south Clare. Other localized showers will continue in parts of Connacht and Ulster. Partly cloudy skies will return elsewhere, quite mild with lows 9 to 12 C.

THURSDAY will be partly cloudy in most areas, overcast with showers near the Atlantic coast and in parts of west Ulster. Moderate south to southwest winds 40 to 60 km/hr. Highs 18 to 20 C.

FRIDAY will be partly cloudy with showers or isolated thunderstorms moving slowly into western counties, rainfalls of 3 to 7 mm expected, once again rather hit or miss, and fairly warm again with lows near 10 C and highs 18 to 21 C.

SATURDAY will find the remnants of these showers making further progress northeastward but becoming more isolated as they go, so that many places could remain dry or almost dry with partly cloudy skies, lows near 8 C and highs 17 to 20 C.

SUNDAY will be partly cloudy to sunny with highs near 20 C.

Most of next week will continue rather bland with partly cloudy skies the general rule, occasional brief showers from weak frontal systems, and highs mostly around 20 C. There are hints that the wind will turn more easterly in the mid-month period with heavier rainfall potential off to the south at times, which means that with slight changes in model output we could be adding that to the forecasts but right now the outlook is fairly dry for most parts of Ireland and Britain, other than perhaps the southern inland counties of England where it could get a bit more unsettled. My feeling is that eventually this month will break down into some sort of heavy rainfall situation as the influence of high pressure is never all that strong, the dry outlook coming more from an absence of weather systems than strong high pressure.

Peter for IWO.