Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (11 June 2021)


TRENDS remain similar, warm for about another week or so, rather dry although cloudy and humid especially in the west, with a slowly increasing chance of rain later in the outlook. The trend beyond the week we normally track is of course less reliable but it looks rather poor, hoping it will reverse.


TONIGHT could feature a few clear intervals but rather cloudy to the west and north again, lows 13 to 16 C.

SATURDAY will turn slightly warmer again with hazy sunshine in many areas, still some low cloud around especially early in the day, breaking up gradually by mid-day where it is a factor. A few coastal locations could remain under low cloud or sea fog but even by the sea there is some chance of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Highs could reach about 25 C in the east, and 19-22 C in other regions.

SUNDAY will start out warm and bright with some sunny intervals, then cloud will increase as a weak front arrives, bringing scattered showers, and a slight chance of a brief thunderstorm, nothing too heavy is expected from this, as the air mass coming in behind the front is almost identical to this current one. Lows near 17 C and highs near 23 C except a few degrees cooler near some coasts.

MONDAY will be a somewhat less humid day and could turn out quite sunny in places, the main difference between this new regime and the current one is humidity levels are going to drop a little, expect lows around 14 C and highs in the range of 19 to 23 C.

TUESDAY will probably be the last warm day for a while, as a more active front approaches, so with increasing cloud and a stronger southwest wind developing, rain may arrive later in the day, after highs near 23 C.

The OUTLOOK for the mid-week and later on towards the weekend of 19-20 June is for cooler weather, unsettled at times with threats of heavier rainfalls especially towards the following week. Highs will be back down into the teens and could be rather cool for late June, so a reversal of the current trend seems to be in store.

Peter for IWO

Photo: Duncannon Beach, Wexford.