Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (25 May 2021)


TRENDS for the week of 25 to 31 May 2021 --

-- Temperatures will average near normal values, with a warming trend later in the period.
-- Rainfall will average 50 per cent of normal in the south, to 25 per cent or less in Ulster.
-- Sunshine will average 50-75 per cent of normal in the south, to at least 100% of normal further north.
-- Winds will remain generally rather light.


TONIGHT will continue cloudy in the south with occasional light rain or drizzle, lows near 7 C; partly cloudy to clear further north, lows 1 to 4 C.

WEDNESDAY will become partly cloudy in most areas, some further showers possible in parts of Munster, highs in the 14 to 17 C range.

THURSDAY will be cloudy except in parts of the north and east where partly cloudy at first, with outbreaks of light rain spreading slowly inland from the south and west coasts. Lows 4 to 7 C and highs 15 to 18 C.

FRIDAY will see some sunshine by afternoon after morning rainfall ends (5 mm on average from late Thursday to early Friday) with lows 8 to 10 C and highs 16 to 19 C.

From SATURDAY to MONDAY and possibly as far into the week as TUESDAY, hazy sunshine at times and warmer with highs 18 to 21 C. Eventually this will break down with rain from the southeast or south and that could become heavy and thundery later in the week. 

Peter for IWO.