Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (6 April 2021)


TRENDS for the week of 6 to 12 April 2021 --

Most of this section can apply to a two week interval now according to most guidance ...

-- Temperatures will average 3 to 5 deg below normal values.
-- Rainfalls will average about 25 per cent of normal, locally a bit higher in parts of Ulster, and by rainfall is meant the liquid equivalent of mixed wintry showers including some snowfall.
-- Sunshine will average about 75 per cent of normal values, possibly a bit lower in the north.


TODAY will continue very cold with passing wintry showers, more frequent in Ulster and north Leinster. Once again, the ratio of rain to snow in these will be greatest for snow in Ulster and for rain near the Atlantic coasts (although not that frequently encountered). There may be an interval around mid-day with more widespread wintry showers in the eastern counties. Winds northwest to north 40 to 60 km/hr adding a chill to highs only 4 to 7 C.

TONIGHT some light rain or sleet will develop across parts of the north and west, and this will move further south while gradually decaying to wintry showers. Southern inland counties having longer clear intervals may see a sharp frost in places with lows to -3 C, other regions will drop to lows near +1 C with a few spots colder if they clear slightly before dawn.

WEDNESDAY will bring a mix of sun and cloud to most areas with some outbreaks of rain developing by afternoon and evening in the north. It will be a bit milder with highs 8 to 11 C. Winds becoming westerly 40 to 60 km/hr.

THURSDAY will continue somewhat milder with an interval of rain and moderate to strong westerly winds developing (50 to 70 km/hr). Morning lows near -1 C and afternoon highs near 9 C.

On FRIDAY another outbreak of colder air will move south across the country, possibly similar to yesterday's gradual deepening cold from north to south, with wintry showers and morning lows -1 to +2 C, afternoon highs near 5 C in the north to 8 C in the south. Friday night will produce some sharp frosts where skies clear in the inland south and east. Moderate northerly breezes 40 to 60 km/hr.

SATURDAY will continue very cold with wintry showers and some local accumulations of snow possible. Morning lows in the range of -5 to -2 C and afternoon highs only 3 to 7 C. North to northeast winds 30 to 50 km/hr after a calm interval for some inland areas during the early morning.

SUNDAY and MONDAY will continue cold and somewhat unsettled with scattered wintry showers, northerly breezes of about 40-60 km/hr, lows -1 to +2 C and highs 7 to 10 C.

This colder pattern seems to be locking in with no real moderation in temperatures shown on guidance going out as far as two weeks, so most of next week looks similar.

Peter for IWO.