Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (9 March 2021)

TRENDS for the week of 9 to 15 March, 2021

-- Temperatures will average near normal values with some variations day to day.
-- Rainfalls will also average near normal values, much of the rain will fall from tonight to Sunday.
-- Sunshine may push towards average late in the interval but will start out rather sparse.


TONIGHT will become windy with rain, briefly heavy, and winds increasing further to southwest 50-80 km/hr. About 5 to 10 mm rainfalls are expected.

WEDNESDAY will be a blustery day with milder temperatures arriving, together with intervals of rain and some afternoon heavier showers and isolated thunderstorms. Winds will be southwest 50 to 80 km/hr for most places until late afternoon when they may increase to 70-110 km/hr. Highs 12 to 15 C.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT will be windy and in some places stormy as gale force winds develop with higher gusts expected near both Atlantic and south coasts. Further showers and isolated thunderstorms likely, winds southwest 70-110 km/hr and possibly gusting to 120 km/hr in more exposed locations. Temperatures will be gradually falling to around morning lows of 3-5 C.

THURSDAY will continue quite windy and considerably colder with passing showers, some of them squally in nature and some also wintry especially on northern hills. Winds westerly 60 to 90 km/hr and highs near 7 C but feeling colder in the wind.

FRIDAY will be overcast with occasional rain and highs near 9 C.

SATURDAY will be partly to mostly cloudy with a few showers and highs near 10 C.

SUNDAY will bring cloud, some fog, rain or drizzle at times, and a milder temperature regime will set in. Highs will reach about 12 C.

MONDAY to WEDNESDAY are looking generally settled and mild with highs possibly into the 13-15 C range.

This mild, dry spell shows signs of mutating into a cold, dry second phase as the high responsible for the mild flow may eventually reposition where it is bringing in a northeast to east flow instead, so temperatures in that case would be likely to drop back into the 5-8 C range for daytime highs with frosts returning at night. That part of the forecast is certainly subject to change closer to the time however.