Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (3 March 2021)

TRENDS remain similar, somewhat colder than average, rather light rainfall at first becoming closer to normal amounts by late in this interval, and sunshine probably running a bit below normal with considerable cloud even when high pressure gets nearby.


TODAY will be mostly cloudy, the best chance of sunny breaks is probably around Limerick, Clare and south Galway, with areas of cloud streaming in from the east both south and north of the Dublin region which may remain under low cloud and fog for a while. Some of these clouds will contain light showers of rain that could give 1-3 mm totals to a few spots in the inland southeast and trace drizzle in the inland north. Rather chilly with highs 8 to 10 C.

TONIGHT will remain overcast for most, with a few breaks, and a slight northeast breeze may bring in some drizzle or light rain along the east coast. Lows 3 to 5 C.

THURSDAY will be cloudy with a few brighter intervals, isolated showers, and moderate northeast breezes at times, with a chilly high of about 7 C.

FRIDAY will be partly cloudy to sunny, better chances for sunshine inland west and north, morning lows -2 to +2 C and highs 7 to 10 C.

SATURDAY will see a weak frontal trough trying to drop rain but probably quite hit or miss results, 1-3 mm may fall in some parts of Connacht and west Munster. It will get slightly milder too, highs near 11 C.

SUNDAY will become overcast with patchy light rain and highs near 12 C.

The OUTLOOK for next week calls for rather breezy to windy conditions at times, passing showers or intervals of rain with frontal passages, and temperatures generally not far from 10 C. One disturbance in the parade wants to take a more southerly track around Thursday 11th and that one could run into some fairly cold air left over from the previous cold frontal passage Tuesday, so there could be a brief appearance of mixed wintry precipitation around then. Later on in mid-March there are faint signs of warming trends that may take temperatures slightly above average by St Patrick's Day.

Peter O'Donnell for IWO