Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (29 March 2021)


TRENDS for the week of 29 Mar to 4 Apr 2021 --

-- Temperatures will average 3 to 4 deg above normal values.
-- Rainfall will average 25% of normal in the northwest, to near zero in many other areas.
-- Sunshine will average 25 to 50 per cent above normal values; wind speeds will be about average.


TONIGHT will be hazy with some patchy mist or fog developing, mild with lows 7 to 10 C.

TUESDAY will feature hazy sunshine and warm temperatures with highs 15 to 18 C (except for a few spots near the south coast where sea fog may drift in at times and hold temperatures down to 10-12 C).

WEDNESDAY will turn considerably cooler in many areas as winds turn northeasterly at 30-50 km/hr, some rain returning to Donegal and spreading down the west coast during the day (5-10 mm possible). Mostly cloudy elsewhere but some brighter intervals persisting in the southeast where it may remain somewhat warmer. Morning lows in all areas around 8 C but temperatures only edging back up slightly in the north and west to 10-12 C, recovering to 14-16 C in the southeast.

THURSDAY while the winds remain easterly, the fresher variety of air mass will be gradually moderating back to pleasant spring warmth, with lows 4-7 C and highs 12-15 C. With the east wind, it would be the Leinster coastline seeing some local cooling from sea breezes. Skies may start out rather cloudy becoming at least partly sunny by mid-day and afternoon.

(GOOD) FRIDAY will remain dry and mixtures of cloud and sun in east winds of 30-50 km/hr, morning lows 2-5 C and afternoon highs 13-16 C with some cooler readings possible in the east.

SATURDAY will remain similar with partly cloudy skies, less of an east wind factor as a ridge crests over Ireland, so local sea breezes possible on all coasts, highs 13-16 C.

EASTER SUNDAY may hold on to similar pleasant temperatures at least to the afternoon although the north may see a sharp drop towards late in the day, and while dry weather is expected to continue for most, a band of rain will be arriving from the north late afternoon or evening. Highs 12-15 C with a sharp drop likely overnight.

MONDAY-TUESDAY (5th-6th Apr) are still being shown as much colder days with northerly winds of 50-80 km/hr and mixed wintry showers likely, some snow on hills. Highs only 4 to 6 C and lows -3 to +1 C.

The further outlook then calls for slight moderation but with potential for a second wave of very cold temperatures to follow within a week. 

 Peter for IWO