Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (22 March 2021)

TRENDS for the week of 22 to 28 March 2021

-- Temperatures will average near normal values, generally 1-2 above normal but quite cold around Friday.
-- Rainfall will slowly return to the weather picture and by end of this interval may have reached near normal at least in the west, possibly 50-75 per cent of normal for the east by then.
-- Sunshine will only reach 50 to 75 per cent of normal. This current regime of very light winds will slowly be replaced by more moderate or average range of wind speeds and after that, quite windy conditions by Thursday on.


TODAY will be cloudy with a few breaks, generally dry with a slight chance of light showers in the west, and highs in the range of 12 to 14 C.

TONIGHT will be overcast with lows near 7 C.

TUESDAY will be mostly cloudy, moderate south to southwest winds will set in by afternoon, and some rain will arrive in the west around mid-day reaching the east by evening. About 5-10 mm amounts are expected, with highs in the range of 13 to 16 C, mildest inland southeast.

WEDNESDAY will be partly to mostly cloudy with a few showers and moderate southwest winds, lows near 6 C and highs near 14 C.

THURSDAY will become more windy by afternoon and evening with rain at times, 5-10 mm amounts expected, and while temperatures may start out relatively mild, it will turn colder late in the day, highs near 12 C mid-day then falling to 4-7 C.

FRIDAY will be windy and quite cold for time of year with passing sleety or even wintry showers, some chance of snow on hills in the north and west, lows near 2 C and highs near 7 C. Winds southwest to west 50 to 80 km/hr.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY both look rather windy with intervals of rain although some dry spells too, milder again with temperatures recovering to around 14 C, winds south-southwest 70 to 110 km/hr at times, and risk of strong wind gusts developing in exposed northern areas.

This windy regime is expected to moderate by Monday with the southerly flow becoming more westerly and temperatures near 12 C. Later in the week towards the Easter weekend the current indications are for improving weather due to high pressure being near Ireland by mid-week on, details a bit uncertain with some indications of the flow turning southeasterly but staying fairly mild.

Peter for IWO