Long Range Weather Forecast For Ireland (16 March 2021)

TRENDS continue dry, with near normal temperatures and sunshine, although rather warm at first.


Warming to around 15 or 16 C where the sun does win out, highs 10 to 12 C in any onshore or persistent coastal cloud.

TONIGHT will be partly cloudy to clear, with fog and frost developing in a few spots, lows -2 to +4 C.

WEDNESDAY (17th) will be hazy, sunny except for some areas of persistent low cloud near a few coastlines, and warm inland. Highs 14 to 17 C except held down to 10-12 C under any cloud.

THURSDAY will likely see a similar day in some parts of the inland counties, but more extensive coastal cloud seems likely, with both the north and east coasts prone to cooling sea breezes and onshore low cloud. Morning lows around 1 to 4 C, highs 10 to 13 C under cloud, 13 to 15 C where cloud breaks.

FRIDAY to SUNDAY will see little change to this pattern with perhaps a bit more sunshine by the weekend than on Friday, highs in the same temperature range dependent on cloud cover. It will continue to be more likely that coastal areas will see more persistent cloud and cooler temperatures than well inland.

This pattern may be slow to break down next week, but eventually there should be a return to more mobile weather patterns, rather warm at that time since the flow may turn more southwesterly. 

 Peter O'Donnell for IWO