UKMO and Met Éireann issue forecasts for colder weather from this weekend


In its updated monthly forecast, Met Éireann is predicting easterly winds, widespread frosts, hazardous conditions where ice forms and some wintry precipitation across Ireland from the weekend into the early days of next week. 


Commenting on the period from 05 February to Thursday 11 February, the forecaster says there is a strong signal for low pressure to be dominant to the south with high pressure to the north, meaning Ireland will lie in a mainly easterly airflow. 


It adds, "This will lead to below average temperatures for the week. Precipitation will likely be well below average for much of the country though showery conditions will feed into northeastern and eastern coastal counties, with above average precipitations amounts there."


"With the strong easterly flow, wind-chill will be a big factor for this week, with the potential for winds to impact eastern coasts. Some wintry precipitation is likely, especially in the north and east. Widespread frosts at night, with hazardous conditions where ice forms," adds Met Éireann.


In its extended outlook, Met Éireann says low pressure systems from the Atlantic will have a greater influence over Ireland's weather from the end of next week with colder than average conditions returning again by the end of the month.

Week 2 (Friday 12 February to Thursday 18 February)

 Low pressure in mid-Atlantic will likely extend its influence over Ireland with a mainly southwesterly airflow. This will mark a change from the previous week with temperatures recovering to more normal levels. Precipitation levels will increase to above normal for much of the country. Wind and rainfall are the main potential hazards in this setup.


Week 3 (Friday 19 February to Thursday 25 February)


High pressure to the north looks set to be the dominate feature for the week. This would lead to mainly settled conditions, much drier than average with temperatures around normal.There is a risk of some frosty nights with calm conditions. Mist and fog are possible hazards.


Week 4 (Friday 26 February to Thursday 04 March)


The high pressure is indicated to decline northwards, leading to a northeasterly airflow developing over Ireland. This would likely lead to colder than average temperatures but still predominately drier than average for much of the country with perhaps showers feeding into the northeast and east. Possible hazards are wintry flurries in the northeast and east, frosty nights for much of the country.

The UK Met Office meanwhile, is also forecasting much colder conditions over the UK from this weekend.


It says, "An area of high pressure then looks to build to the north, and it will likely feel cold or very cold, especially in brisk easterly winds. There is a chance of conditions being dry at times with widespread overnight frosts, although wintry showers can still feed in from the east coast. Any organised areas of cloud and precipitation arriving from the southwest will not progress very far into the country as a result of the high pressure. However, they can bring the potential for widespread snow across areas where they bump into cold air. Patches of ice and other disruptive wintry hazards remain a possibility for all areas."