Long Range Forecast For Ireland (23 February 2021)

TODAY: At this hour (0800h) heaviest rainfalls have shifted to Connacht and west Ulster as a wave formed overnight in the southwest flow, rainfall rates of about 5 mm an hour can be expected for a few more hours there with rapid increases in local stream flows. For the time being, Munster seems to be into a drier portion of this system after overnight rainfalls of 15-25 mm, hopefully there will be a relative lull in the rainfall there as there isn't a lot showing on satellite imagery for the immediate future, however moderate rainfall bursts will probably resume either this afternoon or evening if there is in fact a break for the south. It will get quite mild this afternoon, reaching 12-14 C, and the strong southerly winds will probably moderate slightly although staying in the 50-80 km/hr range when they do (currently some gusts to 100-110 km/hr in exposed areas).

TONIGHT: Some further intervals of rain with 10-15 mm potential, staying mild with lows 7 to 9 C, south to southwest winds at 50 to 80 km/hr.

WEDNESDAY ... some rain will continue in the morning in parts of the east while other regions begin to dry out, with partly cloudy skies and more isolated outbreaks of light rain possible later, in moderate southwest winds, highs around 10 C.

THURSDAY ... Partly cloudy, breezy, cool with passing showers, some locally heavy with hail or thunder (western counties most likely to see these). Lows near 4 C and highs near 10 C.

FRIDAY ... Sunny intervals, light winds. Lows near 2 C and highs near 10 C.

WEEKEND OUTLOOK ... Partly cloudy with sunny spells likely, light winds, a return to frosts at night for some. Lows around -2 to +2 C and highs 8 to 10 C.

FURTHER OUTLOOK ... Near average and becoming a bit more unsettled by middle of first week of March although not too active a pattern, temperatures near 10 C daytime hours.

Peter O'Donnell for IWO.