Figures show a dull, cool and wet October

Valentia in County Kerry recorded more than 8 inches of rainfall during October.

Percentage of monthly rainfall values ranged from 68% (monthly rainfall total of 91.8 mm) at Markree, Co Sligo to 176% (monthly rainfall total of 191.2 mm) at Roche's Point, Co Cork.

Monthly rainfall totals ranged from 73.2 mm (92% of its LTA) at Dublin (Phoenix Park) to 202.4 mm (114% of its LTA) at Valentia Observatory, Co Kerry(its wettest October since 2009).

Mace Head in Connemara, whilst recording the highest wind speeds during October, experienced a very dry month registering just 69% of its average rainfall for the month.

Temperature records:
Highest temperature = 17.7°C at Oak Park, Co Carlow on 7th Ocober.
Highest mean temperature = 11.6 °C (0.4 °C below its LTA) at Sherkin Island, Co Cork.
Lowest mean temperature = 8.4 °C (0.5 °C below its LTA) at Knock Airport, Co Mayo
Lowest air temperature = -3.4 °C at Markree, Co Sligo
Lowest grass temperature = -8.3 °C at Mount Dillon, Co Roscommon where ground frosts were recorded on 16 days.

Rainfall records:
Highest rainfall = 202.4 mm (114% of its LTA) at Valentia Observatory, Co Kerry (its wettest October since 2009)
Lowest rainfall = 73.2 mm (92% of its LTA) at Dublin (Phoenix Park).

Sunshine records:
Highest monthly sunshine = 123.2 hours at Cork Airport.
Lowest monthly sunshine = 92.4 hours at Malin Head, Co Donegal.
Highest number of daily sunshine hours = 9.3 hours at Cork Airport on the 21st.
Highest number of dull days = 10 days at Shannon Airport, Co Clare.

Wind records:
Strongest gust = 58 knots (107km/h) at at Mace Head, Co Galway, on 3rd and 4th.
Lowest mean wind speeds = 16.3 knots (30.2 km/h) at Malin Head, Co Donegal.
Lowest mean wind speeds = 5.7 knots (10.6 km/h) at Mullingar, Co Westmeath.

Met √Čireann summary:
The first week of October was mostly unsettled with a series of low-pressure systems moving across the country from the southwest bringing bands of rain or showers, interspersed with dry interludes. One such systems, Storm Lorenzo (an ex-hurricane), brought the windiest spell of the month on the 3rd and 4th. The second week continued unsettled with low pressure to the northwest feeding in fur-ther bands of rain of showers, interspersed with some pleasant late autumn sunshine in a strong westerly airflow. The winds slackened towards the end of the second week, where slow moving weather fronts, culminated in widespread heavy and prolonged falls of rain on the 13th and 14th. The mixed theme continued for the second half of the month. Low-pressure systems and their associated weather fronts dominated up to the 19th, and again between the 23rd and 26th. Two dry settled periods between the 20th and 22nd and again between the 27th and 29th, where high pressure moved close to or over the country, bought plenty of late autumn sunshine, and some frost at night in places. The final few days of the month saw weather fronts encroaching from the south with more rain.