Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued

Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued: 1000hrs
Valid from : 1700hrs-0300hrs

Severe conditions met : Heavy Downpours , Gusts exceeding 100km/hr , possible tornadoes . 
All areas at risk .

Discussion: A strong cold front will make its away across the country this evening of which will quickly destabilize the air around and showers are expected to form , with strong wind shear (change of wind speed & direction with height ) present , thunderstorms are expected to develop & strong downdrafts with gusts of up to 110km/hr and heavy rain are possible . There is also present, strong low level shear ,which can lead to supercell characteristics ( a rotating thunderstorm ) and possible weak tornadoes .

This situation will need to be closely monitored .

It is likely from reports that a tornado hit Carrickmacross yesterday , so more today is certainly possible with stronger conditions present.

Take extreme caution if travelling this evening , the squally showers alone can be dangerous enough.

Will have a further update this afternoon.

Please Share to alert friends and family.

Ian Carruthers, IWO