Comet PANSTARRS visible in Irish skies tonight

The conjunction of comet Pan-STARRS and the Andromeda galaxy over the local ruins of Ross Erilly Friary, near Headford, Galway. Image Trevor Durity

Comet PANSTARRS is visible in the evening skies and is placed right next to the Andromeda Galaxy in the northwest, which is the furthest object visible to the naked eye.
The comet will be visible all night, but you can use the galaxy as a signpost, and you will see that PANSTARRS is even brighter than the famous galaxy.

Comet PANSTARRS will remain close to the Andromeda Galaxy for several days.

"This is a beautiful comet that I have seen several times in recent weeks and I have even managed to get some photographs of it!" said David Moore, editor of Astronomy Ireland magazine. "I think everyone should go outside over the weekend and try to spot Comet PANSTARRS for themselves, as spotting comets can be a rare experience!"

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