Relatively cold winter for many parts of Ireland, rainfall amounts varied

Mean air temperatures for Winter were above average in areas in the South, Southwest and Northwest, with mean temperatures elsewhere below average. 

Deviations from average ranged from nearly -1°C at Markree (Sligo) to +0.2°C at Valentia Observatory. Monthly mean air temperatures were below average in February, with several stations in the West, South and Southwest reporting above average values in December and January. Winter mean temperatures ranged from 4.2°C at Knock Airport to 7.8°C at Sherkin Island. Nearly all highest maximum temperatures were recorded on December 22nd, with the season’s highest maximum of 15.0°C at Piltown (Kildalton Agr. College), Co. Kilkenny. The Winter’s lowest air temperature and grass minimum of -7.0°C and -12.5°C respectively, were both recorded at Markree on February 25th.

Winter was relatively wet in places, with above average rainfall recorded at a number of stations in coastal counties, in the north Midlands and in east Connacht. Elsewhere it was a relatively dry season. December was relatively wet in the western half of the country with January wet almost everywhere. February reported relatively dry conditions throughout. Winter long-term average values ranged from 81% at Carlow (Oak Park) to 114% at Valentia Observatory, which reported its wettest Winter since 2008 (5 years). Most stations which had on or above average rainfall for Winter, reported that it was their wettest Winter in at least 5 years.

The highest daily rainfall for Winter was at Valentia Observatory on January 7th with 42.6 mm, with the highest daily rainfall at Dublin Airport of 29.4 mm, its highest Winter daily rainfall since 2003 (10 years).

Available sunshine data shows that Winter was relatively dull in most parts except at Cork Airport and Belmullet stations, which recorded 104% and 125% respectively, of their Winter sunshine average. Winter sunshine percentage values elsewhere ranged from 80% at Knock Airport to 96% at Dublin Airport, its dullest Winter since 2006 (7 years). The highest daily sunshine of the Winter was at Knock Airport with 9.9 hours on the 25th February, its highest Winter daily sunshine since the station opened in 1996 (17 years), with the high daily sunshine of 9.2 hours at Valentia Observatory its highest for Winter since 1953 (60 years).

Winter’s highest gust was 71 knots (131km/hr) at Belmullet on December 28th.

RainfallHighest seasonal total: 528.3 mm at Valentia Observatory (its wettest Winter since 2007)
Lowest seasonal total: 161.5mm at Casement Aerodrome
Highest daily rainfall*: 42.6 mm at Valentia Observatory on January 7th

Highest mean seasonal temperature: 7.8°C at Sherkin Island
Lowest mean seasonal temperature: 4.2°C at Knock Airport
Highest temperature*: 15.0°C at Piltown, Co. Kilkenny on December 22nd
Lowest air temperature*: -7.0°C at Markree on February 25th
Lowest grass minimum temperature*: -12.5°C at Markree on February 25th

SunshineHighest seasonal total:185.6 hours at Belmullet
Lowest seasonal total: 119.1 hours at Knock Airport
Highest daily sunshine*: 9.9 hours at Knock Airport on February 25th (its highest for Winter since 1996)