MAP OF IRELAND - Consecutive Dry Days February/March 2013

The above map shows the number of consecutive dry days, or number of days with a period total of 0.1mm or less, up to yesterday at selected official synoptic stations dotted around the country.

There has been recordable precipitation at Dunsany, Co. Meath for 17 days now while many other stations have recorded nothing, or 0.1 mm or less, over the last 13 to 16 days. It is only the east coast and parts of the north that have not shared in this prolonged dry spell with number of consecutive dry days ranging between 1 and 7 days in these areas.

This extended period of dry weather is set to come to an end over the next few days as misty weather with bands of light rain gradually push up over the country.

Data C/O Met Eireann & Ogimet