Drier Weather On The Way

You may have noticed that the roads and footpaths were actually dry for the first time in months in a lot of places today. This is the result of a drier air mass that established itself over Ireland last night and thankfully, looks set to continue for much of the coming week.

Below is a simple chart showing where the air masses will be coming from over the next 5 - 7 days. For much of this winter, cold, Atlantic sourced air dominated out weather and despite a good deal of sunshine, there was very little drying in the air as 1. wind speeds were generally low and 2. Relative Humidity (RH) values remained higher than normal for much of the season.

This week, our air will be sourced more from Continental Europe, therefore it will be much drier; as well as helping to dry out the country a bit (much of which is pretty saturated at this point) it will be a good week to get out and about, get those up to now put off outdoor jobs done and even give the clothes a good airing out on the washing line. Temps will be pretty much around average up to mid-week though it may become a little cooler towards the weekend as winds becoming more easterly in direction but the main thing is, it will be dry! We hope you will enjoy this upcoming pleasant spell of weather as much as we will.