WIND ADVISORY - Ireland, 27/28 January 2013 (The Meteo Times)

We are currently keeping an eye on the potential for a very powerful storm to develop over the mid-Atlantic region over the coming weekend.

At this early stage, we do not think it will pose any major threat to Ireland as most computer models are indicating that the intense low pressure system will weaken somewhat as it passes to our NW later in the weekend. However, we are monitoring the situation closely and will provide regular update son any potential changes in the track of this storm over the next few days. 

The first chart shows the approximate position of the storm centre on Saturday morning with the arrow indicating approximate track of low over the weekend. The second image outlines the approximate position of the system to the northwest of Ireland during Sunday which would bring gale to strong gale force westerly winds across the country. At this point, there is a low risk of the system bringing storm force winds to coastal parts of the northwest and north of Ireland during Sunday night through Monday morning as the system continues to track northeast, weakening as it does so over colder waters. Both images c/o the UK Met Office. 
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Click on image to enlarge. UK Met Office
Click on image to enlarge. UK Met Office