End of the cold spell in sight

With just one countrywide nighttime frost to go in the current cold spell, we would just like to thank everybody who has contributed to our Facebook page and Twitter over the past week.

I think you will agree that the quality and range of images submitted to the site has been amazing. We would also like to thank everybody who submitted weather reports and updates on road conditions.

Tonight will see temperatures dipping below freezing in all but coastal parts of the southwest and southeast. Black ice will form on untreated surfaces so take care if you are out and about in the morning. Freezing fog will also lead to difficult driving conditions and will be slow to lift during the morning. Thursday night will see much milder conditions spread from the west although eastern parts will see frost to start with. There is small risk of rain turning to sleet or snow for a time in the northeast on Friday but this will be short-lived. A much more unsettled and windy outlook for the following few days.

MORE - http://www.meteotimes.net/2013/01/wind-advisory-ireland-2728-january-2013.html

Kind regards,

Mark, Peter, Fergal, Ian and Patrick (The TMT team)