ADVANCE ALERT Heavy Rain/Strong Winds, Risk Of Flooding

Alert issued at – Friday, 25 Jan 2013, 10:00
Valid from – Friday, 25 Jan 2013, 12:00
Valid to – Saturday, 2 Feb 2013, 12:00

The cold spell has come to an end and has been replaced by an all too familiar sight. The Atlantic, which has been relatively sterile in recent weeks, is set to bring some extensive rainfall across Ireland during the coming week with no strong signals of a let-up during the first few days of February.

The position since Friday morning's alert has not changed. With the Jet Stream positioned over Ireland, we will experience an almost daily barrage of strong winds and heavy rain over the coming week.  Compounded by melting snow from upland areas, high soil moisture levels across much of Ireland correspond to enhanced risks of flooding and landslips/landslides with all areas at risk.  

Rainfall totals in County Kerry could exceed 4.5-5 inches during the above alert timeframe. Other parts of the west and south of the country will see rainfall totals of 3-4 inches with higher amounts locally. Meltwater from mountain snow presents an ongoing flood risk in all areas, particularly Kerry, Cork, Limerick, Wicklow, Dublin, Carlow and Down.

According to TMT Senior Forecaster, Peter O’Donnell: “The flood risk is a result of a combination of sustained, heavy rainfall and snow-melt runoff where streams drain higher snow-covered terrain. It will also be very windy in the period up to and including mid-week next week. Westerly gales possible in northern regions later this afternoon and evening, 70-110 km/hr, and again on Monday and Tuesday when even higher wind speeds are possible (100-150 km/hr), again from a westerly direction. That may not be the end of the strong winds either with some hints of another surge of strong winds on Thursday.”

his infrared image from EUMETSAT shows the low pressure system (located WNW of Ireland) expected to bring strong winds across Ireland during the next 24 hours. The estimated pressure this afternoon is 940mb and falling. Another system will follow the one featured in this image bringing very strong winds across the country during Monday.
The below GFS charts show the rain/wind risk for the alert period. Images via The closer the isobars are packed together the windier it is. The darker colours signify heavier rain.

Flooding advice is available on The website features advice on identifying flooding risks, protecting property against flooding, necessary steps to be taken if a property is flooded, and assessing and repairing property damaged by flooding.

The Meteo Times daily long range weather forecast contains further details in relation to the coming week’s weather in Ireland. Click here to view.

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Article written by TMT's Mark Dunphy