31 January 2013 - Weather/Landscape Images Of Ireland (The Meteo Times)

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The headlights of an oncoming car penetrate the thick sea foam blown by the high winds across the road at Spanish Point in West Clare. Image John Kelly
Beach erosion on this beach in Wexford following a week of stormy weather. Image Maggie Boate
Care is needed while out photographing along our coast as this photo from Wicklow illustrates. Image Yvette O Beirne
A Cork Pilot passing Roches Point outwards on Pilotage duties. Image Aidan Fleming
Glenveagh castle, Co. Donegal, at dusk last evening. Image Karl Harold
Kite surfing ,Tyrella beach, Co. Down. Image Joseph McIlmail
Large hailstones in Castlebar, Mayo, today. Image Alison Laredo
Large swell at Clogher beach in Co. Kerry. Image Barbara Walsh
Lightning in Dundalk, Co Louth at 1.11am. Image Roberty Mythen
Mammatus clouds over Ballina, Tipperary. Image Lynda Christian
Seabirds hover in the spray above the crashing waves at Doolin Pier, Clare. Image John Kelly
Rough seas around the Aran Islands. Image Aran Islands Photography
Storm clouds gather over The Wicklow Hills today. Image Andy Goss
Lightning in Cork city. Photo via Twitter @janushayes.
Rainbow over Portrane, Dublin today. Image Linda Foley
Waves crash ashore at Kilfarrasey Beach, Co Waterford. Image Jackie Ryan