Santa Sleighing Forecast For Ireland - The Meteo Times

With Christmas Eve just around the corner, we thought we would provide a little update on what the weather forecast looks like for Santa Claus as he prepares to fly around the world in one night.

You would think that snow, rain or fog would be bad news for Santa Claus as he seeks to visit millions of homes across the world over 24 hours. However, the fact that Santa must maintain an average speed of 6.7 million miles per hour (1850 miles per second) to achieve this feat means that it’s the wind he is most concerned about.

Santa’s reindeer are very strong but a strong headwind can ever so slightly slow them down at times. Therefore, The Meteo Times is delighted to forecast relatively light winds over Ireland on Christmas Eve night. Santa may encounter a couple of rogue showers in Western counties but this will not bother him much considering some of the Christmas storms he has had to bear in years gone by. Further east and inland, Santa may encounter some frost late in the night and into Christmas morning as his sleigh and reindeer touch down on roof tops.

If Santa is reading this, here is a little tip from The Meteo Times regarding his trip from the North Pole to Ireland. “Santa, there'll be a bit of a SWrly jet across Europe so that could slow you down as you make your way west. We would advise you to start with southern Europe and then ride this jet stream as you head up through France and Germany, then to the UK and Ireland. Best of luck and don’t forget the new thermometer we asked you for! The TMT Team.”

To follow Santa Claus on his journey, visit Norad Santa -

Merry Christmas everyone!

Patrick, Fergal, Mark, Ian and Peter