Raised Flood Risk In Ennis, County Clare

Ennis town centre flooding in November 2009.
Ennis Town Council is advising residents and business owners in flood prone areas of the town to take precautionary measures in the event of flooding from the River Fergus during the coming days.

The Meteo Times has learned that recent heavy rainfall has resulted in above average water levels along the River Fergus. Council officials are monitoring water levels on a continual basis.

Ger Dollard, Director of Services and Ennis Town Manager noted that some parts of Ennis town are particularly prone to flooding and that business owners and householders should familiarise themselves with actions that can be undertaken immediately prior to a flooding to reduce the risk to life and property.

Records from Met Eireann show that the total accumulated rainfall recorded in County Clare from 1 November to 19 November is almost as great as the recorded figure for the entire month in 2011.

According to Mr. Dollard: “The weather forecast for the next few days shows potential significant rain on Thursday, dry conditions on Friday, some rain on Saturday and potentially significant rain on Sunday. Soils are still fully saturated which means that all rain is running off quickly into the rivers up catchment. In the meantime, the Council has put in place flood protection measures at various locations along the River.”

Mr. Dollard noted that the prolonged heavy rainfall of recent days has underlined the importance of being prepared for flooding and other extreme weather events during the winter season. “The winter season brings with it an increased threat of severe weather, including snow, ice, damaging winds and flooding. In recent years, County Clare has experienced a number of severe weather episodes including flooding in November 2009, and prolonged cold periods in December 2009 and December 2010”, he stated.

Mr. Dollard continued: “The key messages being delivered by the ‘2012 Be Winter-Ready’ campaign are that people should be prepared, know how to stay safe and know where to find help if needed. Information hosted on the County Council website, www.clarecoco.ie, includes advice for householders, motorists, pedestrians, schools, the farming and business communities on what to do should another big freeze or flooding incident hit. There is also plenty of very useful advice for motorists about how to ensure your vehicle is winter-ready as well as tips for motoring in snow, ice, high winds, floods and fog.”

“Our experiences from severe flooding in Ennis, and East and north Clare in late 2009 have taught us that being prepared in advance is key to effectively managing flooding when it does occur. As well as reviewing information contained on the Council website, I would urge members of the public to visit www.flooding.ie to familiarise themselves with the range of actions that can be taken in advance of, during and after flooding events”, Mr. Dollard concluded.

Visit www.clarecoco.ie to learn more about the ‘2012 Be Winter Ready’ campaign and the ‘Winter maintenance - Salting routes 2012 – 2013’.