Ice & Fog Advisory - Issued 29th November 2012

Weather Advisory - Issued 29th November 2012

Although we are expecting a good deal of cloud in general over the course of tonight, some clear spells will break through from time to time and where these occur, frost and fog will once again develop and this is likely to lead to treacherous driving conditions later on with many of our roads very damp after today's rain.

Black ice is likely to be an issue on untreated roads but we would advise you to drive with extreme caution no matter what road you may be driving on later this evening through to tomorrow morning.

Air temperatures tonight into tomorrow morning expected to hover between +2 to -2 C but may fall lower if any clear spells persist.

For more information on current road temperatures, you can always check out the NRA road reports via The Meteo Times here:
Take care and stay safe.

The TMT Team