Council Proposes New Bank Holiday To Be Called By Met Éireann

Met Éireann may decide the date of one public holiday each year if the Government agrees to a request from Ennis Town Council asking the Minister at the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation to allow Ireland's national meteorological service decide a date based on the likelihood of good weather.

The Meteo Times can report that Ennis Town Council has agreed the proposal after a motion from Green Party Councillor Brian Meaney was accepted unanimously.

Speaking at the meeting Cllr Meaney claimed: "What is clear is that Ireland's climate has changed. I am not sick of the weather; it’s our weather that is sick."

“There was a time, even in Ireland when we had a legitimate expectation of a week of fine weather during the summer months. For the summer that has passed, we greeted the each weather forecast with this legitimate expectation, but as the weeks of July drizzled in to August which howled into September any chance that the lovely Jean Byrne was going to give us any hope and expectation of a decent spell of weather were snuffed, as I can imagine only Jean can when it comes to the hopes and expectations of many Irish males”

Cllr Meaney concluded that as a consequence of change climate patterns across the globe, "we are going to have to think differently". 

Ennis Town Council is to write to Minister Richard Bruton's office with the request.