MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE - An 8-Year Journey Across The Atlantic

Welcome to Passage East (Waterford). Image Aoife Millea.
We have come across an interesting sideline story to the flooding which occurred at Passage East in County Waterford on Wednesday night. We received the below message from Aoife Millea, who shared numerous flooding images from Passage with us during the week.

According to Aoife: "the high tides in passage east the other day did bring something good ! my son is 9 and found a message in a bottle on the beach the following day. it was from 2 girls aged 12 from Montreal in Canada, they were on holidays in gaspesie (Quebec, Canada) when they threw the bottle in , in 2004 !! so 8 years later it arrived in passage east !!! he is chuffed to bits !"
The bottle took 8 years to travel 3,000 miles across The Atlantic Ocean. Image Google Maps.
The message in the bottle reads: " 06/2004 bonjour, nous sommes deux filles qui ont eu l'idee de lancer une bouteille a la mer . nous nous appelons charlaine and claudia. nous avons toutes les deux 12 ans et nous habitons a montreal. ces temps-ci nous sommes en vacances en gaspesie dans le village de grande-vallee. nous avons eu l'idee de lancer une bouteille parce que nous avons vu une emissions de jeunes qui lancaient une bouteille a la mer. si vous trouvez cette bouteille a la mer dites-nous quand ou et comment avez-vous trouve notre bouteille . dites nous aussi vortre nom age origine lieu de residence . Example : paris, miami ect.... pour communiquer avec nous ecrivez-nous a : pour finir si vous n'avez internet allez un ami ou dans un cafe internet car nous sommes tres curieuses de savoir si notre bouteille a été trouvée. Charline et Claudia

GOOGLE TRANSLATION: "Hello, we are two girls who had the idea to launch a bottle sea. we call charlaine and claudia. we both 12 and we live in montreal. these days we gaspesie holiday in the village of Grand Valley. we had the idea to launch a bottle because we saw a young emissions throwing a bottle at sea if you find that bottle to the sea or tell us when and how you found our bottle. also tell us vortre original name age place of residence. Example: paris, miami ect .... contact us write to us at: to finish if you have a friend or go online at an internet cafe because we are very curious to know if our bottle was found

Incidentally, Aoife tells us that the email address featured on the message is returning a 'failed' response. Maybe by sharing this post, we can try and track down someone who may know something about the source of the message. Only 34,482,779 people in Canada so it shouldn't be too hard to track down the message writers!

"The morning after the night before". Passage East on Thursday morning. Image Aoife Gillea.