-International Weather- "The Perfect Storm" to slam NE USA!

-International Weather-  "The Perfect Storm" to slam NE USA!

Hurricane Sandy could be a once in a lifetime storm to hit the NE of the United States early next week with the potential for major disruption.

A very rare situation may occur next week were a hurricane may combine with a typical Northeaster and create a very serious storm with winds gusting nearly 100mph in places  , high storm surge and torrential rain .

Latest track and estimated rain chart from the National Hurricane centre showing the possible impact on highly populated areas .

Values are in Inches 

The uncertainty at the moment lies at if and when it will shift to the NW . The National Weather Service in America has requested more weather balloons to be released from all stations over the the country to help forecasting the track of the storm, such a request from them is very rare . 

 Emergency planning meetings are taking place today in Boston, Washington and New York to work out worst case scenarios and how to tackle any evacuations needed.

More to follow...